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Whether you’re in need of assembly or logistics, Elite is the one to call. We are more than capable of meeting your material flow needs. Many of our clients look to us for short and long production runs as well as leveraging our consigned material tracking. We are able to assemble a wide variety of products from light and heavy materials all the while improving your plant inventory turns.

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Line Sequencing

Eliminate your supply buffers by implementing a Just in Sequence (JIS) strategy. We will work closely with your manufacturing line to coordinate transportation to and from the process area. With one point of contact, your best interests are in control.

Custom Shipping Containers

Custom, reusable transport and storage units are no problem. Elite will work with your team to move product and raw materials between locations and/or process areas. Equipped with transport vehicle docking stations, our facilities are suitable for all types of needs.

Custom Assembly Fixtures

Production assembly requires extreme accuracy. Therefore, we acquire or build assembly fixtures that hold your parts within a thousandth of an inch.

IT/Engineering support

The key to engineering support is the ability to coordinate with the client and provide engineering workspace. Our services include engineering support for your convenience.

Consigned Materials

Supply chain sustainability is essential for Tier 1 logistics. We have the infrastructure in place to execute upon the services you need for Tier 1 supply chains.